Some samples of work and collaborations that have been printed in “L’Automàtica” during the last 5 years.

Workshop UEL (East London University) at L’Automàtica — Marc Torrent, Ariadna Serrahima, Stephen Barrett and Andrew Osman 'Suport poètic' by Guillem Serrahima Against the Abortion Law in Sapin 2013 — Laia Estruch, Diego Bustamante, Ferran Fandos and Ariadna Serrahima Laia Estruch personal cards Fanzine cover — 'To Ludd with Love' by Guillem Serrahima Colaboration with the artist Jaume Ferrete — 'Voz Mal' — Todojunto, Diego Bustamante and Ariadna Serrahima Chabeli 'Floral Design' cards Printing 'Performance al teatre' by Laia Estruch TD papeles poscard for Libros Mutantes Typographical exercise for MUNT — Marc Torrent, Diego Bustamante and Ariadna Serrahima Offset printing Martin Allais personal cards Firts piece of L'Automàtica for 'La festa del grafisme - Portbou'